Simex - Planers, Twin Headers and Asphalt Floats

Cutters, planers, buckets and compactors – the Simex range has been paving the way for over 20 years. With continuous investments in technology and production facilities, Simex products are designed to allow users to work better, simply, quickly and above all safely.

Thanks to Simex's patented system, the milling depth is constant in any condition regardless of the ground contours and the attachment's position with respect to the prime mover.

Ideal for planing and cutting on any surface either horizontal, vertical or inclined, Simex’s swing planers will maintain a constant planing depth.

Ideal for trench work in hard and compacted ground, for concrete and rock wall profiling, dredging, demolition and quarry work, Simex twin headers (rotary cutters) are the right tool when standard excavation systems wont do the job.  Simex CBE range of crusher buckets crush excess material and allow you to use it straight away on the same site.

Our wheel excavators are designed for cutting small sections of trenches on hard or compacted surfaces.

Simex compaction wheels guarantee a firm, even and extremely compact bed which stands the test of time and offers maximum road traffic safety. Designed to allow for working in full offset position.


Simex self levelling planers are suitable for skid steer loaders in asphalt and concrete milling applications.


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