PneuVibe Boom Mounted Compaction Plates

The boom mounted compaction plates manufactured in Australia by PneuVibe are designed to suit a wide range of applications. GroundTec distributes PneuVibe equipment throughout NSW.

PneuVibe’s series of boom mounted compactor plates are ideal for working in everything from narrow trenches to large backfill operations and provide the most efficient means for vertical and inclined compaction.

Ideal for all sizes of machinery from small backhoe to large crawler excavators, it is simple to connect a PneuVibe compactor plate to your machine’s existing hydraulics or even easier if you have existing hydraulic hammer piping.

The plates are engineered for optimum performance and durability. The rubber vibration mounts are angled to the base, so that the pressure exerted by the boom on the top plate causes the mounts to convert from a shear to a compression mode and the hydraulic motor and hoses are positioned within the protective cradle to prevent them being snagged or damaged on trench walls.