PneuVibe Boom Mounted Compaction Plates

The boom mounted compaction plates manufactured in Australia by PneuVibe are designed to suit a wide range of applications. PneuVibe are built to last and are engineered for optimum performance. They provide easy direct attachment to existing hydraulic hammer mounting heads.


  • High Performance Compaction Equipment
  • CP series Compactor Plates
  • Compaction plates for every application

Whether you are working in narrow trenches or in a large backfill operation, PneuVibe Compaction plates provide the most efficient means for vertical and inclined compaction.

It is just as simple to connect a PneuVibe compactor plate to a large crawler excavator as it is to a small rubber tyred backhoe. Operating is made easy. The vibration produced by the rotating eccentric combines with the down pressure of the carrier and generates impulse force. This force can be placed wherever your boom will reach. This enables you to compact most types of soil to required density levels in efficient life capacities. It effectively combines in sheet and pile driving in certain soil conditions.

The CP Series Compactor is available in the following sizes:

  • CP15
  • CP30
  • CP51
  • CP100
  • CP201
  • CP201HF
  • CP301
  • CP400T

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