Rammer Demolition Tools

Rammer offers a wide range of Demolition Tools which can be used on hydraulic excavators.

The Rammer RCC Cutter-Crusher is an ideal attachment for demolishing urban and large industrial structures.  The Cutter-Crush models feature dual cylinders and a robust design. The RCC Cutter-Crusher range models are an efficient alternative to other demolition methods and are ideally suited to environmentally sensitive applications where low vibration, noise and duct are of concern.

The RPV Rotating Pulverizer range is the ideal attachment for both primary and secondary demolition: 360° rotation allows for perfect positioning during demolition applications. RPV Rotating Pulverizers also fits ground applications when it comes to recycling the material previously demolished.

The Rammer RPV Static Pulverizer range is ideally suited to secondary demolition and recycling duties. The RPV range of models are designed for fast and effective material separation, a key aspect of the recycling process.

The RSS Scrap Shears can be used in every industrial demolition job involving the cutting and recovery of ferrous materials such as iron sections, pipes, tanks and railway carriages.

Rammer Demolition Tools are widely used in the demolition and recycling industries in NSW. GroundTec Equipment is the authorised distributor for Rammer Demolition Tools in NSW and therefore can assist you in finding the ideal tool for your demolition or recycling project.