Groundtec Supply the Largest Twin Header Fitted to an Excavator Operating in Australia

We are delighted to have sold and delivered  the amazing  Simex TF 3100 Twin Header, fitted to a new 50 ton Kobelco Excavator to the Bingo Group. The twin header design ensures there is as little disturbance to surroundings as possible. This feature is crucial for the project that the TF3100 has been supplied for.

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Earthmoving technology is advancing all the time and at Groundtec we ensure that we bring the latest developments in high quality earthmoving, construction and demolition attachments to our customers.

The Bingo Group are working on a new landfill at Mangrove Mountain on the Central Coast. The Simex TF 3100 Twin Header will be used to remove any sharp rock edges which could otherwise rupture the landfill’s cell wall lining.

The Simex TF 3100 features a hydraulic motor which produces a 175 kW or 238 hp and is the largest twin header fitted to an excavator operating in NSW and Australia.

The customer was extremely pleased with the awesome power and performance of the Simex TF 3100 and the positive impact it has had on the landfill project.

If you would like to discuss the TF 3100 or any other earthmoving, construction or demolition attachments, please call our sales team on (02) 9642 2030 or email


 Simex TF 3100 Twin Header