The entire work time involved was reduced from an estimated 8-9 operating days down to a neat 3 days thanks to the GTS 1 diamond saw’s production rate. Such efficiency is just one reason why the GTS saws are becoming a must have attachment for mini excavators in the earthmoving industry.

GroundTec Equipment's GTS-1 Diamond saw mounted on a 2.8 ton Takeuchi Mini Excavator.

The GTS 2 saw was used to cut granite, a tough material typical of the Illawarra region. The saw is a great earthmoving attachment which can be used in place of hammers on city sites, where vibration and dust are site issues, and where a clean cut is required. The GTS saw was found to be the most productive excavation tool that could be used to break granite in this situation.

This film shows the GTS diamond rock saw in action cutting sandstone, a common material on Sydney jobsites. The saw can be used on an excavator in confined spaces, will cut where hammering is not feasible because of noise or vibration and will provide a clean cut.

One of the great features of the GTS range of saws is the ease with which you can change the saw from the left to the right side of the boom. The GTS saws are equipped with a swivel head which makes this operation quick and simple, saving operator time and effort.

Rammer's 355 & 777 shown here being used to demolish the former ministry of justice in the UK

Rammer Large Range Hammer being using to clear a Landslide

GTS 4 Diamond with a 2200 mm blade cutting cleanly in Balmain in Sydney. The customer is NMK Civil.

GTS 4 diamond rock saw in action. Note the clean cut achieved from this efficient earth moving attachment.

Simex - planers, twin headers and asphalt floats
o Pnuevibe compaction plate attachments from GroundTec Equipment
Rotating Grapples
Allu screening buckets from GroundTec


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